ScienceScapes Berlin
Lean Knowledge Advisory
ScienceScapes Berlin
  • You want to develop and enhance your markets at home or abroad? You are looking for new operating partners, nationally as internationally?
  • You want to find new suppliers or customers?
  • You have a new product or business idea, but struggle to find suiting process or technical solutions?
  • You want to convince your customers or business partners with reasoned positions and questions?
  • You require expert or specialised knowledge and a better understanding of economic, legal and technical contexts?


        Our Expertise Positions cover specifically


  • Information Research and Investigations
  • Idea Scouting and Project Development
  • Content Provisions
  • Business Liaison Services between Producers, Suppliers, Traders and Customers
  • Product and Supply Scouting and Sourcing
  • Access to Background Scenarios and Decision Making Contexts
  • Enhanced Knowledge and Technology Acquisiton and Transmission
  • Research on Operational Frameworks
  • Monitoring of Export and Import Challenges
  • Information on Production, Supply and Analytical Technology
  • Development of International Nework Projects
  • Textcreation, Publication and Dissemination Support
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Data Analysis